She wolves?

So, this shoot was back in April of 2012.  Our oldest kids are 18 year old twin girls.  Eryn & Tannyr.  Their whole room is painted midnight blue (including ceiling).  It’s filled with lots of non-girly things.  Gargoyles, Bionicles, Zoids and NOT least of all…. Wolves.  There is a neon wolf on one wall, a black sticky outline of a wolf on another and many, many photos; even a life-sized card board cut-out.  So we begged our friends Hannah & Shawn of HBB Photography to do a thematic portrait of them in this ‘wolf theme”.  They envisioned them in old-timey clothes and having a dark, creepy feel.  PERFECT.  At the shoot, they told the girls to have no emotion.  haha NO problem.  Shawn giggles as he says “they are soooooo creepy”.  So, below are a few behind the scenes photos that I took.  I took lots of photos, as usual. I love the “stop touching me” photo.   Hannah had to (obviously) Photoshop the wolves in the finished portrait.  One before picture shows Tannyr holding a stuffed animal that we brought and you can see in the finished portrait how amazing Hannah is by replacing the stuffed animal with a wolf!  The very LAST photo on this blog was created by HBB Photography. www.hbbphotography.com  We LOVE Hannah & Shawn and LOVE that picture!!



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Parks Family Photos –

Had such a great time photographing the Park’s at the beach in Destin. There are so many great images from this session but I cant post them all. Enjoy the Teasers!


Troy Gammon - If you want a highly professional job at a good price you found the right place! Being a sports photographer myself for NCAA, MLB, NFL and NASCAR I pay attention to detail and so does Mark and Gwyne. In my opinion portrait location photography is the most difficult and they have experience that shows. I could not be more happy with the beach photos of my family. Yes you may pay less but you get what you pay for and their professionalism and sight location is money well spend. Mark and Gwyne Thanks Again!

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